A good sign is mandatory for the success of any business. When done right, it boosts the public image and creates an appealing first impression for your customers. Signage can also pose as a way to brand your business and increase its core reach. The aim here is to make your sign both attention-grabbing and informative. So if you've got a business and you want to get the best out of your business sign, here are some tips to consider.

Keep the info basic

In the sign business, less is always more. Signage is a visual marketing strategy, and once you have too much information to process, it becomes less believable on a subconscious level. So try and keep it simple and communicate the most important aspects loud and clear. If it's the slogan you wish to prioritize, then clearly feature it. A business sign should have the name, logo, address and even the URL of the business. You can also include a call to action or slogan to boost your brand.


The visibility is usually affected by a range of factors. Use bold colours because they strike out as visually appealing when they complement each other. However, ensure you contract the background to make the text easily readable. One thing that can make your sign easily memorable is adding a unique graphic, which can be your logo or a catchy photograph. Nonetheless, this graphic should be related to the kind of business you have and also be easily understandable at a single glance.

Where your sign is positioned also makes a huge difference. Buildings, trees and power lines may obstruct your sign causing you to lose customers. Before putting it up, try looking at all possible angles that your potential customers have, and place it in such a way that it is visible to most of them. Using lights may help it stand out and get spotted easily. Indoor signs need to be placed at their appropriate areas. Sales signs for instance, should be close to the sales items.


Readability should be your priority when putting up a sign. A good tactic to use is mixing upper and lowercase letters instead of dwelling on capitals. This catches the eye and makes the text easier to read. Don't use so many fonts on your sign, and two should be enough to affirm your message. Remember, the fewer the words the better the readability.

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