The signage outside your building is very important, as without it, customers may easily walk right by your shop or not realize what you sell or that you're even open. As important as it is, many business owners tend to overlook some very basic points about signs that make them effective in drawing in customers. Note a few of those points and why they're so important for your business.

1. Placement Should Be Visible from the Road and the Sidewalk

If your store or other business is in a strip mall or accessible to foot traffic, you want to ensure that your signage is visible from the road and from the sidewalk. Customers need to be able to see your store or office as they're driving but if you only have a sign near the roof of your building, it could be overlooked by those walking by. This is why many businesses have signs that are visible from the street but also one on or next to the door. Don't neglect one or the other no matter your type of business, so that you don't miss out on customers approaching from the street or the sidewalk.

2. Signs Should Be Visible During All Hours of the Day

A wood sign can give your business a very casual look, but it might not be visible at night. A white sign can be very noticeable from the road, but can virtually disappear in bright sunlight. Choose a sign material and type of lettering that will be visible during all hours of the day, or add necessary lighting so that your customers can find you during all business hours. Check your sign yourself throughout the day and night when you first have it installed, to ensure it's easily seen as the light fades or the sun hits it at midday.

3. You Need Something Durable

It's never good to choose a sign material by price alone, as you need something durable that will hold up against weather, potential vandalism, and age. A thick Lucite material with laser engraving (from companies like Canberra Rubber Stamps) can last for years if not decades, and won't weather or fade as will wood and other less durable materials. Engraved plastic with lighting behind it can be very visible but also very durable, as thicker types of plastic hold up against weather elements and also won't age or fade. Invest in a quality, durable sign that will last and so that you don't need to repair or replace it as often throughout the years.