For any business that relies on advertising as a means of communicating with the customer, signage could prove to be what determined whether a potential buyer will decide to walk into your premises and pay for products or service rendered or simply pass outside your premises.

To get the best out of your signage, there are three distinctive features any business owner should have in mind when designing posters, banners or any other form of business signage.


Creating contrast between the background and foreground is one of the most important factors to consider to ensure ease of reading. Most signs will include an image in the foreground with a continuous background color, and this is critical to the viewer's retention of the content when considering the contrast between these two items.

For example, you can consider pairing very dark colors with brighter ones to increase visibility and boost readability. Adding a border to the text can to increase visibility and readability even more.

Size matters

You will need to choose your words first before you can size your sign. After all, people read words displayed on the signs, not the signs. Make sure the words are clearly written and displayed as many people will not go through the trouble of straining to read messages that are not clearly written at first sight.

The larger the letters, the easier it is for the reader to understand the intended message. If the distance from the roads is an issue, business signage should have large enough words for those in passing vehicles to read easily. Flowery scripts should not be considered when in greater viewing distance as they may affect the legibility of the script. One should consider using the letter size calculator when viewing distance is a factor to be considered.

Compelling color

Choice of color can help people identify with your brand. After all, the main function of signage is to attract people to your business, and choosing colors that stand out is key. Different colors can also portray different feeling and emotions depending on what message you want to convey using the signage. Opting for color combinations that are trendy can help appeal to most modern-day customers and it will thus help grow your business.

In today's extremely competitive business world, very many businesses are looking for effective ways of marketing their products and services. Providing good signage for your business can go a long way as regards increasing buyer awareness of the products and services.