Whether on a poster or banner, fixed on a wall, or installed in front of a building or retail store, your corporate signage is an advertising tool that can create a lasting first impression on your clients. Here are two important tips that will guarantee that your corporate signs obtain real results.

Choose your audience and message

If you wish to target the general population--anyone driving past your office or retail store for example--it's important that you restrict your message to only include your company name and logo. But why? Well, a minimalist approach such as this one prevents you from excluding a prospective customer by being too specific. From a psychological point of view, it also infers that your audience should by now know who you are, which helps display authority.

On the other hand, if you're targeting a well-defined audience, it's important that you devise a more specific, personal message. By way of example, a restaurant targeting fishermen en route to a nearby lake can reach its audience by using the following words: 'Fresh coffee, live bait'. If the target audience is male, eleventh-hour holiday shoppers, a corporate sign that says, 'The gift present she truly wants is here' communicates directly to their requirements. Creating a personal message also relates to commercial audiences. An exhibition poster focusing on factory directors and managers that says, 'Lower your factory's power expense by half' is more ideal than merely 'Energy management services'. Indeed, when targeting a very specific audience, you must draw their attention and inform them of exactly what you're offering.

Corporate signage ought to be your brand ambassador

In trying to create a loyal customer base, your corporate signage should market your brand. Choose fonts that allow viewers an easy time to read, colours that promote contrast, as well as locations that provide a clear and unbarred view. Incorporate background graphics if it adds impact; however, make sure readability isn't compromised.

Select fonts and colours that match your business' corporate identity and that of your customers' preferences. Pink and red colours are effective for a product promotion on Valentine's Day but may not fit as the main colours for a law firm's business signage.

Another aspect of brand ambassadorship is quality. High-end materials such as custom plastics and metals which can withstand the elements should be used to create lasting, outdoor signage. Another consideration is illumination. Whether indoor or outdoor signage, a well-designed lighting can make it stand out. Note that individuals associate high quality with luxury, security, and better trust levels.