If you have recently bought or started a company, you may be planning to invest in new business signage to advertise your business to the public. Below is a guide to how to choose colours which will send messages to potential customers, reinforce your brand and hopefully increase your sales.

Choosing Colours

The easiest way to work out which colours are best for your business is to use a colour wheel. A colour wheel will allow you to explore colour theory. Colour theory is ancient; it is mentioned in the journals of Leonardo da Vinci and was further developed my Sir Isaac Newton.

A colour wheel displays the different colours of the spectrum in the round. Start by selecting a starting colour, the colour you want to represent your business. Locate this colour on the wheel. The colours which neighbour this colour complement it and create harmony. The colours which are directly opposite your chosen colour will provide contrast. You should explore the how the different colours of the colour wheel correspond to each other. For example, you may wish the background of your sign to be filled with complementary colours but the text printed on the sign to contrast against the background colours so potential customers can easily see it.

Creating Brand Identity

A strong brand is a key component of building a strong business. Brand identity goes beyond your signage or logo. Your branding needs to be consistent across your business. If your staff wear uniforms, they should be the same colour as the base colour used on your signs and logos. The interior of your store or workplace should also feature the same colours. You can get inventive by using flowering plants or coloured LED lights to further reinforce your brand in a subtle but effective manner.

Creating Emotional Resonance 

Colour can provoke a strong emotional response. When you are choosing the colour for your signage and other promotional tools, you should consider the emotional impact of the colours you choose. For example, red can create feelings of warmth, strength and excitement, whereas blue can create a sense of trust and serenity. You should be aware that every colour also has a negative side, so you should also explore these to ensure you do not end up sending the wrong signals to your customers.

If you require further help and advice about creating colour signage for your business, contact a print shop or sign manufacturer today.