The business world is increasingly competitive. Every business is constantly looking for clever ways to beat the competition before they can be driven out of business. Many modern businesses are turning to LED signs to help them improve recognition and marketing. If are thinking about using LED signage in your business, you should be informed about the options available to you.

Monochrome LED signs

These LED signs have the simplest design. They let you convey your message in one colour (usually a bright red or amber colour). That explains why they are also referred to as single colour LED signs. Monochrome signs can display short animated text messages, which may be changed depending on your business needs. Monochromes are ideal for businesses that do not gain much from using video and photographic images to market their products and a short and succinct message will achieve the desired results, at a much lower cost. They can vary in size, ranging from large billboard-size signs for outdoor use to smaller poster size signs for use indoors, so you can always find a suitable size for your indoor or outdoor applications. 

Tri-colour LED signs

These LED signs are similar to the monochrome ones, but they let you convey your message in three different colours — red, amber and green. They deliver attractive, highly visible messages that can grab the attention of people more effectively than the single colour LED signs. Like with monochrome signs, the message on tri-colour signs can be updated whenever needed. 

Tri-colour LED signage can be used indoors or outdoors. They are a clear winner for businesses seeking to improve their market reach and increase the popularity of their brand through electronic advertisement. It is capable of attracting potential customers travelling on the roads or passing by high traffic streets through its bright, colourful text message boards.

Full colour LED signs

These high-definition display signs let you display video and illuminated images in not one or three but billions of colours. Incorporating video and graphics is a great way to grab people's attention and communicate your message. Because of the sophisticated technology, full colour LED signs cost more than simpler versions available on the market, but they can be a profitable investment in the long run. Full colour signs are also available for use both indoors and outdoors.

Every type of LED sign is effective on its own. You just have to establish the needs of your business and select signage that matches your needs in the best way possible.