If you need to add braille and tactile signs to your business premises, then you can use ready-made or custom products. However, instead of putting up new signs, you can use braille strips as an alternative.

What are braille strips and what are the advantages of using them?

What Are Braille Strips?

Braille strips contain the same kind of braille and tactile lettering that you get on individual signs. However, you don't typically use these strips on their own. You stick them on to or close to existing signs to incorporate accessible directions and guidance that regular signs don't have.

So, for example, you might stick a braille strip at the bottom of a regular toilet sign. The strip tells a blind or visually impaired person that they are at the toilet. It also gives any necessary access information that they need to know.

Why Use Braille Strips?

Braille strips are a quick and easy way of meeting access requirements in a building. You can turn an existing sign into an accessible one simply by sticking the strip in place.

You don't need to order new signs, wait to have them made or hang about until they are all installed. You're good to go as soon as you stick the strip on a sign.

This may be more cost-effective for you than having all your signage changed to incorporate braille and tactile information. You can keep your existing signs but make them more inclusive by adding relevant strips to them. This costs less than having new signs made.

Braille strips come in a range of materials and colours. So, it's also easy to incorporate strips into your existing sign colours, materials, styles and designs. This gives you a more seamless look as the strips blend in better and don't look out of place.

So, if you have brushed aluminium signs around your building, you simply use strips in the same material. If you use a specific colour, you order strips that match. Even if it isn't easy to find an exact match for a sign, you could simply go for clear strips that will take on the colour of the space underneath them once they are stuck on.

In some cases, you simply need off-the-shelf braille strips. If you have special needs that a stock strip doesn't meet, then you can have them specially made. To find out more, contact companies that offer custom braille sign supplies.