Autumn is nearly upon Australia, and that means many football, soccer, hockey, volleyball and other sports teams are getting ready to head back out onto the field for a new season. Sometimes it can feel like there is little excitement about a new season, and it is important to keep the interest there; otherwise, it becomes just another chore that people don't want to do. That is the last thing you want when it comes to a recreational activity, so here are a few ways you can drum up some more enthusiasm about the impending season. 

Custom T-Shirt Printing

Many online t-shirt printing stores offer custom t-shirt printing that can make fantastic jerseys and team shirts for you all to enjoy. Nothing gets people more in the mood for a new activity than a snazzy new outfit to go with it. Custom t-shirt printing is also much cheaper, in many cases, than trying to screen print or make your own team shirts. It is also just easier and removes all the hassle from organising uniforms. Always make sure that, when using custom t-shirt printing, you get started on it well in advance of the season's start, lest you end up with the shirts a month late.

Practice Makes Perfect

After playing together for a few seasons, often people just go up to the first gameday with little nor no practice since the last year's competition. A few practice sessions can remind them why they fell in love with the sport in the first place without the pressure of actually needing to win the game. This makes the first practice sessions of the year light-hearted affairs that are important in team bonding and double as social gatherings. Afterwards, you should always try and get a drink or some food to cement the experience as a good time in people's minds. 

Create Goals Before The Season Starts

Creating a few fun goals that your team aims for is a great way to bring a bit of friendly, inter-team competition to the season. Things like who can get the furthest goal, play the longest minutes, make the fewest mistakes, etc. are all classics, but you probably have a better knowledge of your team to implement more personalised variations. Remember, this is not meant to be serious and challenging; this is supposed to be a fun competition. Having a reward (or jokey punishment) for those that succeed (or fail) is generally a good way to make sure people remember it as the season goes on.