If you need to have an engraved sign made, you should follow these tips.

1. Use a laser engraving service if the sign will have a lot of text

Whilst many sign-makers provide a manual engraving service, you should look for one who uses lasers to engrave their signs if the sign you want to get made will feature a lot of text. The reason for this is that engraving a sign that features lots of words by hand could take a long time, as this is a task that has to be done very slowly to ensure that the text is legible, uniform and accurate. As such, if you were to use a manual engraving service, you might have to wait weeks for your sign to be ready for display.

Conversely, sign-makers who have laser engraving machines can produce signs that feature lots of words in a few hours, as this technology creates highly accurate engravings in seconds. Furthermore, if your engraved sign is made with this machinery, the chances of any errors occurring (such as, for example, some letters being more deeply engraved than others) will be slim to none, as the machine will be controlled by a computer that won't make the mistakes that, for instance, a tired person who has spent hours on a manual engraving task might.   

2. Ensure you are certain about the spelling of any names or other words on the sign

No matter what type of sign you order, you should always check the spelling of the words you want to have on it. However, it's especially important to do this before ordering a sign whose text will be engraved.

While it's sometimes possible to replace certain letters on a sign (if the sign's letters were layered on the sign material) or to print over them (if the letter in question has a similar shape to the correct one), fixing an engraved sign that has a typo is more difficult. This may involve refilling the incorrect letter before it is engraved again, or the entire sign having to be remade. It's important to double-check any unusual names or other words you'll depict on the sign. Double-checking the work will not only save the sign-maker time but will also help you to avoid paying for extra work to be done to the sign or paying for an easy mistake.

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