If you'll be placing an order with a signage supplier for your garden party, here are some suggestions you may find helpful.

Show the signage supplier several images of the garden

It's important to send the signage supplier images of the garden in which you'll be hosting the party. Ideally, you should do this after you've decided where you're going to be putting things such as the buffet table, the seating and bar, and after you've chosen your other party decorations.

Giving them these images will help them to guide you in picking signage that will be proportionate to the garden and its features (such as its deck or patio, its flower bushes, etc.). Marking out the areas in the images where the aforementioned buffet table and other party items will be placed will enable them to pick signs that will fit neatly into the spaces near these party-related items without using up too much of the space your guests will need when they're dancing and mingling.

If you're unsure what specific signage you want and are open to the supplier's suggestions, showing them pictures of your garden could also give them inspiration for certain signage. For instance, if they notice that you have several bushes with yellow and pink flowers, they might recommend including these colours in the signage that will be placed beside them.

Get a couple of bags of sand if it sometimes rains where you live

Even if you're not expecting any rain on the day of the garden party, you should still purchase a couple of bags of sand. The reason for this is that if the signage supplier creates signs for your lawn that are supposed to be either freestanding or are made to be pinned into the grass, and the lawn is wet as a result of it raining a day or two before the party, these signs might either sink sideways or downward. If the signs are made up of standalone letters (which spell out, for example, 'Happy Birthday') and some of them move in the wet soil, then the message could be hard to read, and you might find yourself having to reposition the letters every so often throughout the party.

However, if you have some bags of sand and it rains the day before your party, you can sprinkle it across your lawn shortly an hour or so before the supplier delivers the signage, and this sand will absorb a lot of the soil's moisture. Thus making it firm enough to keep the signs stable.

Contact a signage supplier near you to learn more.