Boosting Busness with Signs

The Various Types of LED Business Signs You Can Choose From

The business world is increasingly competitive. Every business is constantly looking for clever ways to beat the competition before they can be driven out of business. Many modern businesses are turning to LED signs to help them improve recognition and marketing. If are thinking about using LED signage in your business, you should be informed about the options available to you. Monochrome LED signs These LED signs have the simplest design. They let you convey your message in one colour (usually a bright red or amber colour). That explains why they are also referred to as single colour LED signs. Monochrome signs can display short animated text messages, which may be changed depending on your business needs. Monochromes are ideal for businesses that do not gain much from using video and photographic images to market their products and a short and succinct message will achieve the desired results, at a much lower cost. They can vary in size, ranging from large billboard-size signs for outdoor use to smaller poster size signs for use indoors, so you can always find a suitable size for your indoor or outdoor applications.  Tri-colour LED signs These LED signs are similar to the monochrome ones, but they let you convey your message in three different colours — red, amber and green. They deliver attractive, highly visible messages that can grab the attention of people more effectively than the single colour LED signs. Like with monochrome signs, the message on tri-colour signs can be updated whenever needed.  Tri-colour LED signage can be used indoors or outdoors. They are a clear winner for businesses seeking to... read more

How to Choose the Colour of Your Business Sign

If you have recently bought or started a company, you may be planning to invest in new business signage to advertise your business to the public. Below is a guide to how to choose colours which will send messages to potential customers, reinforce your brand and hopefully increase your sales. Choosing Colours The easiest way to work out which colours are best for your business is to use a colour wheel. A colour wheel will allow you to explore colour theory. Colour theory is ancient; it is mentioned in the journals of Leonardo da Vinci and was further developed my Sir Isaac Newton. A colour wheel displays the different colours of the spectrum in the round. Start by selecting a starting colour, the colour you want to represent your business. Locate this colour on the wheel. The colours which neighbour this colour complement it and create harmony. The colours which are directly opposite your chosen colour will provide contrast. You should explore the how the different colours of the colour wheel correspond to each other. For example, you may wish the background of your sign to be filled with complementary colours but the text printed on the sign to contrast against the background colours so potential customers can easily see it. Creating Brand Identity A strong brand is a key component of building a strong business. Brand identity goes beyond your signage or logo. Your branding needs to be consistent across your business. If your staff wear uniforms, they should be the same colour as the base colour used on your signs and logos. The interior of your store... read more

Tips to make compelling corporate signage a reality

Whether on a poster or banner, fixed on a wall, or installed in front of a building or retail store, your corporate signage is an advertising tool that can create a lasting first impression on your clients. Here are two important tips that will guarantee that your corporate signs obtain real results. Choose your audience and message If you wish to target the general population–anyone driving past your office or retail store for example–it’s important that you restrict your message to only include your company name and logo. But why? Well, a minimalist approach such as this one prevents you from excluding a prospective customer by being too specific. From a psychological point of view, it also infers that your audience should by now know who you are, which helps display authority. On the other hand, if you’re targeting a well-defined audience, it’s important that you devise a more specific, personal message. By way of example, a restaurant targeting fishermen en route to a nearby lake can reach its audience by using the following words: ‘Fresh coffee, live bait’. If the target audience is male, eleventh-hour holiday shoppers, a corporate sign that says, ‘The gift present she truly wants is here’ communicates directly to their requirements. Creating a personal message also relates to commercial audiences. An exhibition poster focusing on factory directors and managers that says, ‘Lower your factory’s power expense by half’ is more ideal than merely ‘Energy management services’. Indeed, when targeting a very specific audience, you must draw their attention and inform them of exactly what you’re offering. Corporate signage ought to be your brand ambassador... read more

How To Restore And Maintain A Bronze Memorial Plaque

Bronze is an incredibly resilient material that’s commonly used for headstone and memorial plaques. While it will withstand the test of time, it will darken as the years go by, leaving the engraving less pronounced. To restore a bronze plaque back to its former glory, follow these directions: Remove the Dirt and Grime  Use a stainless steel brush to wipe off the surface. Pay particular attention to any engravings to ensure they are left free from dirt. Wrap a strip of sandpaper around a wooden block and sand the surface. Buff the engravings until they become brighter and more pronounced. Fold the sandpaper in half and work the inside of the engravings to remove any excess debris. Apply a Cleaning Solution Mix together a tablespoon of washing up liquid with a bucket of warm water. Use the metal scrubbing brush to apply the water to the plaque. When you’ve scrubbed the surface, rinse away any soapy water with clean water. Dry the surface with a microfibre cloth as best you can, and then leave it to air dry for at least an hour. Apply Leather Dye Wipe brown or black leather dye over the bronze using a microfibre cloth. Use an artists brush to work it into the engravings. For best results, apply at least two or three coats. Leave the dye to dry, following the guidelines on the tin. Re-sand the surface to remove any excess dye, and then wipe down the surface with a rag to remove any remaining particles. Spray with Lacquer Depending on what type of finish you’d like to achieve, spray either a low... read more

Creating Attractive Signage for Your Business

For any business that relies on advertising as a means of communicating with the customer, signage could prove to be what determined whether a potential buyer will decide to walk into your premises and pay for products or service rendered or simply pass outside your premises. To get the best out of your signage, there are three distinctive features any business owner should have in mind when designing posters, banners or any other form of business signage. Readability Creating contrast between the background and foreground is one of the most important factors to consider to ensure ease of reading. Most signs will include an image in the foreground with a continuous background color, and this is critical to the viewer’s retention of the content when considering the contrast between these two items. For example, you can consider pairing very dark colors with brighter ones to increase visibility and boost readability. Adding a border to the text can to increase visibility and readability even more. Size matters You will need to choose your words first before you can size your sign. After all, people read words displayed on the signs, not the signs. Make sure the words are clearly written and displayed as many people will not go through the trouble of straining to read messages that are not clearly written at first sight. The larger the letters, the easier it is for the reader to understand the intended message. If the distance from the roads is an issue, business signage should have large enough words for those in passing vehicles to read easily. Flowery scripts should not be considered when... read more

3 Important Points about Architectural Signage That Many Business Owners Overlook

The signage outside your building is very important, as without it, customers may easily walk right by your shop or not realize what you sell or that you’re even open. As important as it is, many business owners tend to overlook some very basic points about signs that make them effective in drawing in customers. Note a few of those points and why they’re so important for your business. 1. Placement Should Be Visible from the Road and the Sidewalk If your store or other business is in a strip mall or accessible to foot traffic, you want to ensure that your signage is visible from the road and from the sidewalk. Customers need to be able to see your store or office as they’re driving but if you only have a sign near the roof of your building, it could be overlooked by those walking by. This is why many businesses have signs that are visible from the street but also one on or next to the door. Don’t neglect one or the other no matter your type of business, so that you don’t miss out on customers approaching from the street or the sidewalk. 2. Signs Should Be Visible During All Hours of the Day A wood sign can give your business a very casual look, but it might not be visible at night. A white sign can be very noticeable from the road, but can virtually disappear in bright sunlight. Choose a sign material and type of lettering that will be visible during all hours of the day, or add necessary lighting so that your customers... read more

A Guide For Successful Business Signage

A good sign is mandatory for the success of any business. When done right, it boosts the public image and creates an appealing first impression for your customers. Signage can also pose as a way to brand your business and increase its core reach. The aim here is to make your sign both attention-grabbing and informative. So if you’ve got a business and you want to get the best out of your business sign, here are some tips to consider. Keep the info basic In the sign business, less is always more. Signage is a visual marketing strategy, and once you have too much information to process, it becomes less believable on a subconscious level. So try and keep it simple and communicate the most important aspects loud and clear. If it’s the slogan you wish to prioritize, then clearly feature it. A business sign should have the name, logo, address and even the URL of the business. You can also include a call to action or slogan to boost your brand. Visibility The visibility is usually affected by a range of factors. Use bold colours because they strike out as visually appealing when they complement each other. However, ensure you contract the background to make the text easily readable. One thing that can make your sign easily memorable is adding a unique graphic, which can be your logo or a catchy photograph. Nonetheless, this graphic should be related to the kind of business you have and also be easily understandable at a single glance. Where your sign is positioned also makes a huge difference. Buildings, trees and power... read more

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